Take off!

I started blogging back in 2002 with the http://specialist.blog-city.com account but it was suddenly closed down. After several years of attempting to resurrect the blog, I failed to do so. I promised myself that in 2009 I’d start blogging again. My old blog was full of melodramatic b*llshit and what nots. Now, I finally managed to come up with one that I’d love to tell everybody about. (Gives myself a pat on the back). This blog will be (if not all) about the places I’ve been to. Feeling travel guide. Expect a lot of pictures, being the point-shoot addict I am. I’m still saving up for that SLR I’ve been wanting to buy. But that’s a different story.

But for now, come on everybody, join me on a road trip! Welcome to my brand new blog!

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3 thoughts on “Take off!

  1. YEY! Congrats KUYA!!! mwahugs!

  2. WOW naman!!! congrats on this new blog!! sige wait kami ng mga pics ah hehe

  3. akala ko take it off! mwahahaha… i am a traveler too… and having this blog of yours is something that i’d look forward to.

    so i guess i have to wait then… for the tips and travel adventures…

    congrats for writing again!

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