Traffic Violation!

I was preparing my post on our Davao trip over the weekend when I remembered that I still haven’t claimed my driver’s license. Last Thursday, on the eve of our flight to Davao, my boss and I were on our way to a client meeting at Mckinley Hill. Left turn is no longer allowed on the intersection of Mckinley (going to Edsa Ayala) and 5th(?) (The one with the stoplight). We went straight to Mckinley so we can make a U-turn along the way. My boss who was driving ahead of me, made a U-turn further down the road. I turned as well but I was flagged down. Grrrr! I argued with the officer for at least 10 minutes. My point is that there was no “No U-Turn” sign anywhere on the road. He argued that the solid lines on the road indicate that automatically u-turn is not allowed unless it’s an intersection. I never heard of such crap before. But since we’ll be late for our 3 pm meeting, I gave up and handed over my license to the traffic enforcer. But I asked for his name and number just in case I would like to vent out to him in the near future.
Arrgggh, now I still have to go to Makati to get my license.
Of all the years I've been driving, first ticket I got from Makati

Of all the years I've been driving, this is the first traffic violation ticket I got from Makati

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2 thoughts on “Traffic Violation!

  1. kaboodle

    haluu bloghopping :))
    asa naman tayo sa traffic enforcers ng makati. they would do everything just to get your license. theyre greedy that way. grrr.

  2. niceyfemme

    whoah! just last week i was flagged down too…. had a lot of talk and i know theyre just waiting for “lagay”. but no i wont give in to that so i gave my license its like theyre making up violations but in the ned they’ll put in obstruction as the violation. they told me i was swerving which is bs! i hate this mapsa guys! BTW nice blog! i lived in singapore for a long time too and laways go back yeah it’s heaven to drive there but right hand drive so i’m not too comfortable… 🙂

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