Cat shots at the funeral

During the wake of my brother-in-law, there were times when I’d take a stroll outside to get a whiff of fresh air or just to escape the multitude of people. One thing that stood out during my four-day stay at the wake were the presence of lots of stray cats/pusakal in the area. Inspired by one of  Chico’s cat portraits , with camera in tow, and lots of time to kill, I shot away! Here are some of the results:


First attempt...


Loved this shot! ummm.. pokerface?


Striking up for a pose


Caught in the act!


Model is sleepy


Ssssss. I'm the model here! Get away!


Gotta love those eyes


Another cat lurks from the shadows

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2 thoughts on “Cat shots at the funeral

  1. nice shots…by the way our cat died a month ago. i really dont like him but i miss him brushing his skin in my legs… so sweet that sometimes i think he’s gay…hehe

    poor cat, i wonder where do their soul go?

  2. just minty

    hey you take great shots of those mimings.

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