Friday the 13th special


Better late than never for posting this entry. I’m still in the state of euphoria days after popping THE QUESTION. Yes, I’m finally engaged and it gives me a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness that soon, my fiancée and I will be getting married. Talk about extreme cheezyiness.

Flashback: Friday the 13th, November 2009. After months of preparing and psyching myself on how to propose to my girlfriend, Macel, I decided to ask her on this “superstitious day”. If ever I get “No” for an answer, I’ll just charge it to bad luck.

The day before, I invited her parents for lunch and formally announced my  proposing to their “panganay”. It was a sigh of relief that Macel was totally clueless about the meeting with my future in-laws. It wasn’t an easy job but hell yeah, it felt so great after. With the engagement ring, the picture storybook I had prepared weeks ago and extra cheezyiness in tow, I was ready.

I was on leave that Friday. On top of the planned proposal that night, I had a so many things I needed to accomplish that day.  First, to formally hand over my resignation letter to my boss informing himof my “relocating to Singapore to pursue a new endeavor” plan. Second, to grace fellow Rusher Kytes’ invitation to be a guest speaker at a Twilight Saga talk show at her school in Makati that afternoon. Finally, to attend the joint birthday party of Jobert and Noel.

Even though I was on leave, I was up and about so early. I can’t control my excitement for the day that awaits me. I went to RX at 6 am and caught Gelli, Gino, Fran and Jolly. Rusher friends dropped by around 730, left the booth then had breakfast. After bidding them adieu, i headed off to the office to talk to my boss. He didn’t arrive until past 10. We talked and after disappointing him when I handed him my resignation letter, I left the office around 11 and rushed over to Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street. I met a friend of mine who is one of the bosses there and discussed the planned proposal over coffee. The plan was to place the story book I had prepared among the shelves wherein I’d pretend to browse through some material and let her notice “a special book”. Since I want the proposal to shy away from the public eye, the 4th floor was just the perfect place. I also requested if it was possible to have a great vantage point for the CCTV to capture the moment. I was demanding that way! We agreed on the plan and she introduced me to one of her store crew who’ll be my “point person” when the planned “Will you marry me?” would take place.

After High Street, I went to Jose Magsaysay Elementary School in Makati and met Principal Ferrer aka Kytes, Erna and 3 members of the Twilight Coven Philippines, Leia, Sheila, and Echo for the talk show. It was a fun experience. We didn’t realize that we were talking incessantly for almost 3 hours to those kids. It was almost 530 pm when we left the schol.

The moment of truth was at hand. I fetched Macel at her office around 6 pm but she still had some work to finish so I had to hang out for a while. I was running behind schedule. The “bad luck spell” of Friday the 13th! The plan was that we’ll be arriving just before 7pm.  To make matters worse, traffic was unbearable everywhere in Makati. It came to a point where Macel said that we go to Serendra some other time and just have dinner in Makati. Of course, I refused! I don’t want the preparations to go to waste. I still insisted that we go to HighStreet for a change. After inching our way through seemingly endless traffic, we arrived a little past 8 pm. We made our way through the store, stopping here and there to browse the materials that tickled our interests. Feeling the uncontrollable excitement in me, I prodded her to go to the 4th floor and look for coffeetable books and some CDs as well.


I felt as if my heart would explode with the unexplainable emotions I was having at that time as the escalator slowly climbed to the 4th level. Before stepping off the escalator, I took a quick glance behind my back and saw my friend seeing me. Taking it as a signal, she went to talk to her staff.


Macel wandered for a bit and browsed through some Art books. I saw Jeff, the staff-in-charge, and asked him to show me the aisle on “Coffeetable books”. He led the way and pointed where my storybook was placed. I called for Macel and told her that there were some interesting books where I was. She did not notice it immediately until she realized that it was our picture at the cover of the book she was looking at.

“Awww… Kelan mo pinagawa to?” Surprised as she was, she started flipping through the pages of the storybook. I can see the surprised look on her face as I started rummaging through my pocket for the ring box. As soon as she reached the back cover of the book which read, “Chapter 1: It’s Time for Us Now”, it was then that she realized and blurted out,

“Don’t tell me…”

It was then that I already went down on one knee and asked her, “Will You Marry Me?” The funny thing was, as I was kneeling down, she got so excited and pushed me. I wasn’t able to kneel long enough because I got off-balanced. The only thing I remembered was hearing the deafening whisper:

“Oo naman!”

You just got proposed to! I slipped the ring onto her finger and she started crying. She did not saw it coming. She cried and cried. Tears of overwhelming joy. I called up my friend and thanked her for the successful mission. She went out from her office, congratulated us, and quipped, “Smile! You’re on camera!”

She called up her family and friends to tell them of the news. I also texted mine. Within minutes, I was deluged with congratulatory messages and heartwarming well-wishes. It was such heavenly bliss. I can’t believe that we’re engaged already. Next thing we’ll be talking about are the wedding plans. Now that’s a different story.


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4 thoughts on “Friday the 13th special

  1. so happy for you talaga kuya. i love you and ate macel =)

  2. angela

    friend, have never thought that you have such interest in writing..reading this makes me kinda teary-eyed..i remember macel calling me and blurting out the news!felt like there was euphoria all over the place.. 😀

    • Specialist

      angge! thanks for dropping by. of course, ganon ko ka love ang kaibigan mo.

  3. Congratulations! Silent-rusher here!

    Kudos! 🙂

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