One month


…after I proposed to my fiancée; we have started preparing for the wedding. We have already paid to book the church and reception venue even though our wedding date is more than a year away. The stress of wedding preparation has started to kick in. We’ve researched gown designs, chose our motiff,  scoured Divisoria to canvas for cloths and other materials, collected countless flyers, browsed wedding fora, attended several foodtasting events, among others.  Within the next few weeks, hopefully we’ll be able to decide our caterer and photographer/ videographer. Why so early?


ONE MONTH later, I’ll be flying off to Singapore to pursue a new endeavor.

Awwww, how bittersweet right?

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2 thoughts on “One month

  1. seeing this post makes me a little sad knowing that i’ll get to see less of you.. hay : ( it’s hard for me to accept the fact that one of my good friends is leaving for abroad… but goodbyes are sweet sorrows, knowing that you’re doing this for your future… makes me happy.. because i know that you’ll become successful..
    wish you all the best kuya and i’ll certainly miss our breakfast and more! : )

  2. waaaa kuya. i love youuuuuu mwah. kakaiyak!

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