My instrumentalist idols!

I belong to a musically-inclined family. My mom was a MAPE teacher (note: terror) and can really sing those high notes who can be compared to Pilita Corales. All my sisters played the piano and had performed at least a piano recital. My dad… well, he likes listening to the tune of Ol’ Blue Eyes, Neil Young, and Neil Sedaka. I was only 6 years old when I started liking classical music listening and playing on the piano the works of Bach, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev among others. I’ve also learned to play widow and mastered popular TV tunes like Macgyver, Simpsons, and even the Mario Bros. Theme.

For years, I have idolized the Croatian pianist, Maksim Mrvica. He gave classical music a twist of rock. I admire the great dexterity of his fingers playing the piano as if they were just gliding those ivory keys. I bought all his albums and got the chance to meet him in person and had my CDs signed when he visited Manila several times.

Three years ago, I discovered Zack KimYong Woon, commonly known as Zack Kim in youtube. He is a Korean guitarist who became known for his “Free Hands” technique, playing 2 guitars  at the same time, just like playing piano. His first video garnered 28 million hits to date, his rendition of the Mario Bros. theme. Then just recently, he uploaded a “newly improved” Mario Bros. version. Here are my favorite Zack Kim videos.

And here’s a great surprise! I’ve been regularly visiting Zack Kim’s blog for his latest renditions. I just found out he will be in Singapore from May 28-30 for a series of free shows at The Esplanade. His shows are part of a series called Flipside. I’ll finally be able to meet him in person. You can check out further details at his blog: Esplanade show schedules can be found here.

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