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Welcome the Year of the Metal (and lonely) Tiger (that’s me)

Greeting everybody a festive Gong Xi Fa Cai / Kung Hei Fat Choi and a romantic Valentine’s day! Though it’s a little sad for me because my beautiful fianceé is not with me to celebrate not just the day of hearts but our 4th anniversary! (how cheesy can you get). It could have been a 3-in-1 celebration. So not to dwell so much on sadness and missing her so much, I planned on going around the city on New Year’s eve, feel the mood of the festivities, and of course being the pyromaniac that I am, FIREWORKS! I texted some of my friends and housemates to meet up after work so we can hang out somewhere… the perfect spot? Chinatown, of course! I bought a bag of goodies for $5, a good deal at that for a heaping bag of various sweets mostly present only during the Chinese New Year celebration.

Eu Tong Sen St. in Chinatown closed to traffic

Prepping the fireworks
Getting ready for the festivities
Colorful display

I then went to Burger King at Central Mall to meet my housemate. I met a Filipino family who just came from Clarke Quay to see the fireworks. They said that there will be a 5-minute fireworks display at the floating platform in Marina Bay. Of course who would want to miss that?  I only wish that I have a decent DSLR camera for more beautiful shots. Soon! *wink*wink*

I was 2 minutes late when the fireworks display began


When the people rejoicing subsided, I called Macel up and greeted her a happy new year, happy Valentines day, and happy 4th anniversary. I miss her so much and I can’t wait to be with her soon. Haaaay…

Managed to capture the final minutes of the fireworks using my ever reliable Nokia 6120c.

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Singapore Life and the first ever International EB.

I am now on my 3rd week living here in Singapore and so far I am getting the hang of  it. Even though I haven’t started working yet, I’m enjoying here. Strictly following my budget, I seldom eat out or splurge on something unnecessary. I’ll do that when I start earning my paycheck here. I buy produce at the nearest market, go grocery shopping, prepare my own food (though sometimes, me and my housemates share), do my own laundry, and iron my clothes… just like back in college when I first had my first experience of total independence. To kill boredom, I go out and jog in the morning trying out different routes, go to church, meet friends, or go to the countless malls here and just do some window shopping (not to mention ogling). But most of the time, I just stay at home and watch TV or use my ever reliable laptop and enjoy the wifi at our flat.

I do miss my family, my beautiful fiancée, and my friends back home. At least I get to talk or chat with them via YM almost every day. The last thing on my mind is to feel homesick so that they don’t have to worry about me. And just last weekend, I met a lot of new people here thanks to the common passion of listening to the tandem during our weekday mornings, Chico and Delamar. They went to an official business trip here in Singapore to promote Sentosa back in the Philippines. When I first learned of the plan that the two will be going here back in December, I really really need to gather as many rushers I can based in Singapore to have a one-of-a-kind EB… the first International Rushers’ EB. How sossy can you get?

Utilizing the wonders of Twitter, as early as two weeks before, I was able to get in touch with at least 10 people and my Singapore number has been busy ever since. I thought that it would be an easy task just to gather people then meet with C&D. But it was so difficult because I still had to coordinate with the schedule of C&D. On Saturday, I was sure that they would arrive around lunch time, but I was still clueless on their itinerary. I just decided to inform the rushers to meet after lunch at Vivo City. The first people I met were Melay and Joy. We had coffee while waiting what to do. I finally got a text from Delle and told me that they really had a tight schedule that day and we can only meet them at the hotel after 8 pm. Feeling sorry for Melay, Joy, and Gio for being there so early and making them wait, I informed them that Chico and Delle will only be available after 8 pm.I texted the others of the situation and agreed to meet up again later around 7 pm. The others decided to head off to Sentosa directly. Our group who met again at Vivo arrived at Rasa Hotel a little past 9, did some meet and greet with C&D and the rest of the group, then took a short stroll until we finally settled at bar named Cafe del Mar. We ordered drinks, chatted and bonded instantly. Of course, a lot of picture taking took place. We parted ways around midnight.

I felt tired, but the efforts were all for the love of The Morning Rush. The best thing was I gained a lot of new friends. To the TMR legends Cecil and Shay; to my future sister-in-law, Cathy, and her boyfriend Drew, and friend Tine; to the new faces: Emmylou, Chuck, Melay, Joy, Fay, Kent, Ezel, Iven, Ryan, Gio, Ron, Bebe/Daylene, Rochelle, Sonny, and to those who met us on the 2nd day: Marlon, Jun and wife Richelle, Nates, Junith and the Sentosa winners Joenil andRashell, nice meeting you. Thanks to all of you for making the Singapore EB a huge success. Whew! I hope I didn’t miss anybody! Till the next EB!

First night at Cafe Del Mar in Sentosa. If my memory serves me correctly... SITTING FROM L-R: Kent, Emmylou, Joy, Melay, Delle, Chico, Shay, Iven, Tine, Cathy, Drew. STANDING L-R: Fay, Chuck, Ryan, Rochelle, Sonny, Gio, Ron, Cecil, Me, Ezel, and Daylene

At Coffee Bean in Changi Airport. From L-R: Chuck, Jun, Marlon, Joenil , Chico, Delle, Emmylou, Rashell, Richelle, and Sonny

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